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A World Technology Pioneer of Innovative Interference Lithography Nanopatterning Systems and Nanofabrication Solutions

17+ Years of Experience

in Nanotechnology

4 US Patents

3 PCT Patents

70+ Quality Papers 

Our Products

Our fast-reconfigurable large-area interference lithography nanopatterning system can create sub-50 nm structures over a wafer-scale area with cost and processing time only one tenth of the best electron-beam writer.

  • A wide variety of substrates with backside anti-reflective coating

  • Nanofabrication starter kit

Nanopatterning Materials and Consumables

Nanofabrication and Prototyping Services

  • Help customers materialize novel ideas and designs

  • With a wide range of nanostructures and dimensions

  • In a wide range of substrate materials and geometries

Nanoimprint Masters and Metal Stencil Masks

Our Services

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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