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Key Features & Benefits

The HIL series nanopatterning system features powerful functions such as wafer-scale nanopatterning, semi-automatic reconfigurable beam delivery, and active pattern stabilization achieved by our proprietary user-friendly control software LithoPro.

The system can produce sub-50-nm periodic nanostructures on a large area (up to 4-inch wafer, larger size feasible) within minutes with one single exposure. The wafer-scale exposure field contains versatile 1D or 2D nanopatterns of deterministically set periodicity, lattice, and feature sizes. Optional modules are available for extended functions of pattern modulation of feature sizes and exposure process simulation.

The HIL series is ideal for manufacturing high-quality wafer-scale nanoimprint masters for R&D and mass production. It’s also a highly productive tool for prototyping devices that demand large-area nanopatterns, especially when fast turnaround time is critical.



Large area.PNG
Sub-50 nm.tif
2D checkerboard-01.tif


HIL 1000


Wafer-scale Patterning Size with Single Exposure


Powerful Upgrade Options


Diverse 1D/2D Nanopatterns


Sub-50 nm Feature Size


HIL Series Wafer-Scale Interference Nanopatterning System

A Powerful Large-Area Interference Nanopatterning  System

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