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InterLitho Forms Strategic Partnership With Nanonex To Bring World’s Leading Interference Lithography Nanopatterning Systems To The North American Market

Hong Kong S.A.R., June 29, 2022. InterLitho Technology Limited (InterLitho), a world technology pioneer of innovative interference lithography nanopatterning systems and nanofabrication solutions, today announced its strategic partnership with Nanonex Corporation, the inventor of nanoimprint lithography and the world’s first and leading provider of nanoimprint lithography solutions. With this partnership, InterLitho expands its reach throughout North America and Nanonex broadens its portfolio with InterLitho’s cutting-edge interference nanopatterning systems.


InterLitho is a world industry leader in the design and manufacture of interference nanopatterning systems. It invented the world's first two-beam interference nanopatterning system which provides turn-key solutions for large-area, high-throughput, and versatile nanopatterning. Its fast-reconfigurable interference lithography nanopatterning system can create sub-50 nm structures over a wafer-scale area with a cost and processing time less than one-tenth of the best electron-beam writer.


Through Nanonex, InterLitho currently provides three series of interference nanopatterning systems to the North American market. Its VIL series is a fully automatic step-and-repeat interference nanopatterning system that allows the patterning of different nanostructures on the same substrate with independently set periodicity, lattice, and feature sizes. The system can produce various nanostructures such as 1D grating lines, 2D pillar/hole patterns, etc. with periods from 240 nm to 1500 nm on up to 8-inch large area through repeated exposures using patterning fields of standard 2cm-by-2cm square or user-defined shapes. It is perfect for making devices with different nano-scale features and patterning regions, such as AR displays. The HIL series is a powerful wafer-scale interference nanopatterning system that can produce, within minutes, versatile 1D or 2D nanopatterns down to sub-50-nm feature size with one single exposure. It is ideal for producing high-quality wafer-scale nanoimprint masters and is also a highly productive tool for device prototyping that demands large-area nanopatterns, especially when a fast turnaround time is critical. The CIL series is a cost-effective desktop interference nanopatterning tool with simple and easy-to-operate configurations. It is useful for patterning centimeter-scale 1D and 2D nanostructures and fits best for customers with a tight budget but who desire satisfactory nanopatterning quality. It’s also suitable for educational trainings and basic R&D activities.


“We are thrilled with the new InterLitho partnership. It is an exceptional milestone for Nanonex and InterLitho. InterLitho’s innovative interference nanopatterning systems are a valuable addition to our product portfolio,” said Hua Tan, CTO of Nanonex. “Partnering with InterLitho expands our ability to provide a full package of nanopatterning solutions that best fit and support our customers. We look forward to additional growth and success as a result of this partnership.”

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