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We've been developing cutting-edge nanotechnologies for decades. Our goal is to develop new nanofabrication technologies and explore innovative applications of these technologies by combining frontier knowledge in broad areas. 

Large-Area Nanostructure Engineering

We have been working on large-area nanostructure engineering for over 15 years. It paves the way to new discovery , innovation and commercialization.

02_Fast-reconfigurable Interference Lithography Nanopatterning.JPG

Fast-Reconfigurable Interference Lithography Nanopatterning

As the cornerstone technique, our interference lithography nanopatterning system features powerful functionalities. 

Nanoimprint Lithography Fabrication and Mass Production

We provide professional nanoimprinting fabrication services and solutions to both industrial and academic customers.

Solution-processed Fabrication and Transfer Patterning

Combined with unconventional nanopatterning techniques, we offer reliable solutions for nanopatterning on arbitrary surfaces. 

Nanophotonics Design and Simulation

We provide optical design and simulation services for different applications, such as nanophotonics, meta-optics, etc.

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