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VIL 1000


Automatic Step & Repeat Exposure


Powerful Upgrade Options


Diverse 1D/2D Nanopatterns


Sub-50 nm Feature Size


VIL Series Automatic Step-and-Repeat Interference Nanopatterning System

Change The World One Step At A Time

Key Features & Benefits

The VIL series nanopatterning system possesses powerful functions such as fast reconfigurable beam delivery, active pattern stabilization, and precise sample positioning. All the functions are fully automated through our proprietary user-friendly control software LithoPro. Once loaded, the sample exposure can be fully controlled through LithoPro without manual settings or adjustments.

The system can produce various nanostructures such as 1D grating lines and 2D pillar/hole patterns with periods from 240 nm to 1500 nm on up to 8-inch large area through repeated exposures using patterning fields of standard 2cm-by-2cm square or user-defined shapes. Each patterning field can contain nanostructures with independently set periodicity, lattice, and feature sizes. Optional modules are available for extended functions of integrated UV contact photolithography, pattern modulation of feature sizes, and lithographic process simulation.

The VIL series is ideal for the fast production of devices with multiple different nanopatterned regions, such as AR displays. It also benefits parameter optimization when a large variety of nanostructures need to be fabricated and tested.





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