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About Us

InterLitho Technology Limited was founded in 2018 by a group of scientists from Princeton University and the University of Hong Kong. It was incubated jointly by the University of Hong Kong, the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong SAR, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.


We invented the world’s first fast-reconfigurable interference lithography nanopatterning system for fast, low-cost, and large-area nanofabrication. This cutting-edge turn-key nanolithography system will play a key role in the precise fabrication of nanostructured components used in AR glasses, head-up displays, 3D sensing, meta-optics, and many other emerging applications.


Originating from Princeton University, InterLitho’s founder has around 20 years of experience in nanofabrication and nanotechnology. Our core business includes manufacturing innovative nanopatterning systems, fabricating high-quality nanoimprint masters and fine stencil masks, and providing nanofabrication solutions from prototyping to mass production.


We work closely with our customers to provide one-stop solutions covering the entire business cycle from initial idea generation, to process design and conceptual prototyping, and to mass production. Leveraging our extensive experience in nanofabrication technologies, we have served and collaborated with various industrial and academic clients.

Our patented fast-reconfigurable large-area interference lithography nanopatterning system won gold medal at the 2022 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva which is the most important annual event in the world devoted exclusively to inventions.


Our Mission

We are motivated and strive to explore innovative nanopatterning and fabrication technologies to make end-products in broader areas smaller, better, and cheaper.

Core Values


The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.


The path to greatness is along with others.


Persistence can grind an iron beam down into a needle. We are committed to artisan spirits.

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