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InterLitho Awarded Gold Medal At The 2022 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

Hong Kong S.A.R., March 29, 2022. The results of 2022 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions was announced today and InterLitho’s fast-reconfigurable large-area interference lithography nanopatterning system won a gold medal.  


As one of the most prestigious innovation exhibitions, the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is a remarkable annual global event which is devoted exclusively to inventions and innovations. This year’s competition was held in a virtual format in March 2022, where over 780 inventions from 25 countries and regions were evaluated by a panel of professional judges from around the world.


Precise nanostructures play a key role in AR glasses, head-up displays, biochips, meta-optics, and many other emerging applications. Low-cost and fast fabrication of these high-resolution nanostructures over large areas cannot be achieved using existing mask aligners and electron beam lithography machines. InterLitho’s novel interference nanopatterning system can create sub-50 nm structures over a wafer-scale area with a cost and processing time less than one-tenth of the best electron-beam writer.


“One key feature in our invention is the fast-reconfigurable beam delivery with motorized positioning. It enables fast periodicity tuning from 240 nm to 1500 nm with 2% accuracy or better using our proprietary control software, LithoPro,” said Dr. Wendi Li, the founder of InterLitho and Associate Professor of The University of Hong Kong. “We’ve designed an active stabilization algorithm with a close-loop feedback hardware to lock the interference pattern and achieved a high pattern contrast, which is another key feature in our invention. Such a high pattern contrast enables high-quality fabrication of wafer-scale, high-resolution, and high-aspect-ratio nanostructures, and also allows reliable prediction and analysis of patterning quality through our numerical exposure model.”


InterLitho is a world technology pioneer of innovative interference lithography nanopatterning systems and nanofabrication solutions. It invented the world's first two-beam interference nanopatterning system which provides turn-key solutions for large-area, high-throughput, and versatile nanopatterning. This Geneva gold medal will inspire the company to continue the pursuit of excellence in their future technology innovation.

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